What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Is your wedding day coming up soon? Have you planned out everything but still haven’t found the right photographer for the job? A wedding day would be something that we have all dreamed of as young children and just as our dreams showed, we have the capability of making sure we plan a magical dream wedding. A wedding planning process is fairly difficult because the list of things you have to plan is really never ending. From deciding the venue decorations, sampling wedding cake, fitting on bridal dresses, making seating arrangements and more, there is a lot you have to plan in a short period of time. Out of all this, wedding photography takes a special place. Without someone to capture your wedding day, your wedding would not leave behind something you can look at later in life. But as important as wedding photography is, you should make sure to hire the right person to do the job. so given below is everything you need to know before hiring a wedding photographer. Go here https://222photographicstudios.com/corporate/  for more information about corporate photographer. 

Always hire a professional photographer

We now live in a world where anyone holding a camera can call themselves a photographer. We need to know that photography is not something that depends on your camera, it is something that you already have in you that you managed to enhance and utilize. Amateurs do not have the deep knowledge, the experience nor the skill it takes to produce stunning, mind blowing photos of a magical wedding day. This is why you always have to go with hiring a professional for queenstown wedding photography.

Check out the portfolio

Even if you manage to find the best person for perfect wedding photography queenstown, you still need to be able to form a connection with them and love the way they do photography. There are so many different styles that you can select for wedding day pictures and in order to make sure someone is up to standards as they say, you can check out their portfolio easily. Looking at a portfolio gives you a much better idea about what they do and so, you can see yourself if they are the right people to be at your wedding.

Professionalism and dedication

Last but not least, the photographer you hire has to always be professional and be ready to assist you whenever you want. A wedding is a hectic place and if you hire someone who is not at all professional, it could easily backfire. Dedication is also important as this will motivate them to capture even the most magical and instantaneous moments very easily.

Know The Significance Of Pre-Wedding Shoot

Your special day is just around the corner and you are preparing for the special day. The wedding day is very special and you need to do everything in advance so that your special day is spent in the best possible way. There are so much work to do and so much to finish before the main day. First think calmly and then make a list of things require to be done. All the work needs to be completed before a few days so that you do not hurry up at the last moment.

Search for a professional destination wedding photographer if you are having a destination marriage. The photos are something that you will cherish always. The moment is when it is captured. You will have those special moments on your hearts through candid pictures which you take. You need a professional person as they have got specialised lens for the same and they also have great expertise to capture moments which our naked eye fails to see.

But ensure you get in touch with a Lebanese wedding photography Sydney and shoot a few clicks before your final day. This day is very important in your life and the same needs to be captured well. In olden times, we never had the concept of capturing pre-marriage pics, but now you think these are also special times which just flow away. They should also be kept in the special store just as the promises made before the final day. The professional photographer will tell you where to go and click the pictures. They are experienced and know places where they can create beautiful moments for you both.There is a lot of significance of the pre-wedding shoot. Some of the important points are written below.

They make moments

Just after you get married life becomes just like other normal people. Yes you are special, but the main and loving event of your life has already taken place. Thus, shoot for the photos and get them in your album as soon as possible. These professional photographers create moments for couple so that they can cherish it through their whole life.


Wedding day is a busy day and you really can’t take out time for the same. You cannot pose at the photographer taking plenty of time. Thus, all you need is a great pre wedding shoot where you can pose happily.

New dresses

You can wear a couple of new dresses and you can shoot merrily with the same.

Promote Healthy Living On Social Media

One of the wonderful things that social media allows us to do is promote our various different causes in a measured way instead of cramming it down other people’s throats and perfect addition to any sales strategy. Think about all the different sites and pages dedicated to religious views, fandoms, political views and lifestyle choices. If you want to promote healthy living on social media, here are some tips.

Follow the Right People

On social networking sites, you can’t just be a ‘healthy’ person; you have to follow a few too. Look up some famous celebrities who are into healthy living (not inclusive of everyday gym activity). This means the people who eat healthy and exercise regularly and try to live a healthy life overall. Their statuses and notifications will motivate you as well as your followers and fans and help build a little community of healthy peeps. Do not follow fast food chains and other unhealthy pastimes, no matter how attractive they look. Like any page that advocates clean, healthy living.

Post the Right Pictures

You don’t have to look like a female/male fitness model to post pictures onto your social picture sharing site, although that helps. Post pictures of your healthy meal choices, your exercise routine and other images thatpromote healthy lifestyle choices. Leave your platform open for fans to send in their pictures too, so that you can upload those on your page.

Invite followers to join in with your routines and send photographic evidence of their results with Sydney Aerial photography. It can be as simple as making the salad you posted yesterday and snapping a pic; or as complicated as following an exercise routine and showing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. Who knows? Maybe you will look like a female/male fitness model at the end.

Be Human in Your Experiences

No one is perfect and it’s important to reflect that in your social media too, otherwise people will be turned off by the seemingly perfect, idealized vision you present them. It’s all too easy to showcase only the good aspects of healthy living and forget the bad, but try to be as authentic as possible in it. Organic produce for instance is more expensive than non-organic produce. Acknowledge this in a status, post a comical horror-face in your picture feed along with the expensive label and then compromise with two cheaper veggies and two expensive ones. Go home and write a blog about how you scrubbed those veggies sore to get rid of the chemicals sprayed on them, and write about the kinds of recipes you can use to cook them safely.

Starting A Side Business

Most young people today are not satisfied with the money that they receive from their full time job and the high cost of living makes it almost impossible for them to manage on the meager salaries that they are paid through their full time jobs and yet, due to the fact that they live on a pay check to pay check basis, they are unable to leave their full time jobs either because they are almost imprisoned in them since they need the money. If you are one of these people who dreams of one day being able to leave your full time job but you are presently unable to do so, you should consider working towards this goal so that one day you will be able to leave your job and be your own boss. The first step to doing this is to start a small business of your own that you can do during your free time and during the weekends. The process to becoming your own boss is a very difficult but rewarding one and you need to be prepared to work extremely hard during those first few months. In order to decide what type of job you will do, you will need to consider all of the things that you are good at. If you love taking pictures and if this is something that you are good at, you should consider starting a small business in with this talent.

Start small

You do not have to have a fancy camera or an expensive camera in order to start a small business as a newborn photographer or a birthday party photographer. Of course you will not be able to do big things like wedding but in most cases, with smaller occasions, clients will not mind the job being done by an amateur. You can either choose to use your own phone if you have a high end phone or you can even hire a camera for the day and include that in the cost. Click here for more info on newborn photographer in Melboure.

Another thing that is becoming common today is pregnancy photography which is to have a few pictures taken of the pregnancy period and those last few months that are spent between a couple before the new baby arrives. This is also known as baby moon photography and you can get extremely creative with this kind of photography if you do your research well. Visit this link http://siobhanwolff.photography/maternity-session/ for more info on pregnancy photography.

You will need to start with these occasions and make sure that you charge accordingly. In other words, if you are suing you phone; make sure that you choose a very low fee to make sure that the client chooses you over a person with a high end camera. In fact, if your cost is low enough, they may even hire you as a second photographer even if they have already hired a professional cameraman.