One of the wonderful things that social media allows us to do is promote our various different causes in a measured way instead of cramming it down other people’s throats and perfect addition to any sales strategy. Think about all the different sites and pages dedicated to religious views, fandoms, political views and lifestyle choices. If you want to promote healthy living on social media, here are some tips.

Follow the Right People

On social networking sites, you can’t just be a ‘healthy’ person; you have to follow a few too. Look up some famous celebrities who are into healthy living (not inclusive of everyday gym activity). This means the people who eat healthy and exercise regularly and try to live a healthy life overall. Their statuses and notifications will motivate you as well as your followers and fans and help build a little community of healthy peeps. Do not follow fast food chains and other unhealthy pastimes, no matter how attractive they look. Like any page that advocates clean, healthy living.

Post the Right Pictures

You don’t have to look like a female/male fitness model to post pictures onto your social picture sharing site, although that helps. Post pictures of your healthy meal choices, your exercise routine and other images thatpromote healthy lifestyle choices. Leave your platform open for fans to send in their pictures too, so that you can upload those on your page.

Invite followers to join in with your routines and send photographic evidence of their results with Sydney Aerial photography. It can be as simple as making the salad you posted yesterday and snapping a pic; or as complicated as following an exercise routine and showing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. Who knows? Maybe you will look like a female/male fitness model at the end.

Be Human in Your Experiences

No one is perfect and it’s important to reflect that in your social media too, otherwise people will be turned off by the seemingly perfect, idealized vision you present them. It’s all too easy to showcase only the good aspects of healthy living and forget the bad, but try to be as authentic as possible in it. Organic produce for instance is more expensive than non-organic produce. Acknowledge this in a status, post a comical horror-face in your picture feed along with the expensive label and then compromise with two cheaper veggies and two expensive ones. Go home and write a blog about how you scrubbed those veggies sore to get rid of the chemicals sprayed on them, and write about the kinds of recipes you can use to cook them safely.